Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finished colouring.

Linda (Evangelista) decided she could her interrupt her colouring for some modeling today.
Do you like the birds nest hair, its the latest look you know!

I need to cut a bit off the length of this one and I've decided my pockets need to be slightly bigger to fit in little hands.

Yesterday I started work too!!! I have six hours a week doing medical reception. A little bit of pocket money without disrupting family happenings too much being an afternoon/evening position. I was greeted with a huge bunch of flowers to say welcome to the team. They are beautiful, I love the chillies in the arrangement.

This is one of the flowers too. Does anybody know what it is? Its quite stiff and soft and furry and about as big as my hand. Stunning.


  1. Gee, not many places welcome new employees so beautifully! Looks like you are on a winner there!

  2. Don't know that one, looks like something from under the sea. I am in love with the Iris!!

  3. It looks like what we in the USA call Cockscomb.

  4. Wow flowers on your first day, you are one lucky gal, this job is a keeper for sure. Enjoy those gorgeous flowers. Good luck.

  5. I was going to tell you cockscomb too but my mom beat me to it! LOL

  6. oh those flowers are gorgeous!!!!!!!! love ellie's wispy blonde hair the in the photo too! such sweet dresses you've been making

    i have had sewing dresses overload so taking a break for a week or two from sewing dresses


  7. Yep, definitely Cockscomb, a particularly nice colour too. Glad that your resident model has finished her art work and yes, I love the hair, very trendy...
    Congrats for starting work, it's nice to have time outside home sometimes, not to mention that the pocket money is very nice ;o)
    Have a good week Julie.

  8. Mwah mwah. Air kisses darling, air kisses!
    Love the hair, love the frock, love the flowers.

  9. I've never seen a flower like that. I really doesn't even look real! Just gorgeous.

  10. Oh Julie... Miss Muff is such a little cutie-pie... 8-)

    Beautiful floral arrangement! Interesting fluffy looking flower!
    Enjoy the job/pocket money! 8-)

    Have a great Easter with the family!

  11. Hi Julie,
    Your flowers are lovely, yes that one is a cockscomb and the botanical name is celosia.