Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tenterfild Show.

This weekend my brother was invited to judge the photographic competition at the Tenterfield Show.
While he was there he took a few photos himself.
These were my favourites, he said I could show and tell.
Thanks Andrew, great pics.

"You can lead a cow to......maybe you can't"

OK, I guess I am stuck here.....

In action earlier.

This little girl and her big friend took out Grand Champion.

Alpaca with new hair do for the occasion.

Her shy friend.

The flowers, I love the green bottles.

The quilts of course.

And this little guy, now cute.


  1. Country shows are great!
    Nice pics

  2. hello julie,

    wat a lovley guy.

    greatings conny

  3. loved your post.
    great pictures brought smile to my face.

  4. Your brother clearly has a talent for spotting that perfect "kodak moment". What fabulous pics!!! Love the one with the dog tied to his pants .... that's SO country :o).
    Joy :o)

  5. OH what a fun that looks!!! Too bad you weren't there to enjoy all the events! Your brother sent you some really great shots! What a photographer!!! 8-)

  6. Oh my brother lives down the road, about 100km from Tenterfield. Great area. Love Posie