Saturday, February 27, 2010

Necessary sewing.

I've been mending, yick, but I'm pleased I did it. I finally repaired the facing around the top of my favourite pair of long pants. The pants themselves are still like new but the silky facing had disintegrated. I've just replaced it with a cotton spot, it all had to be carefully hand sewn on so as not to show the stitching through to the front. Very happy with the result and I have my favourite pants back again. Necessary sewing but not very exciting viewing sorry. I have started a new bag which is proving much more fun.


  1. Hats off to you! I try my very hardest not to mend. Very naughty and non green of me. Look forward to see your new bag! I really need one too...xox

  2. Nice work Chick or should that be Fancy Pants?
    Ab xx

  3. Ahh Sussans. Part of my history, I worked in the buying department in another lifetime before I became a Mum and a farmer. Great save, love the spots. X

  4. Oh you're good Julie, what a great job you did. I'm hopeless when it comes to stitching clothes. I can take up a hem but that's about it!!!
    Joy o)

  5. Nice work Julie, it looks like you have a brand new pair of pants! Although it might have been tedious I bet it was satisfying! xo