Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Laura Ashley linen.

I had a good find yesterday. At our locel op-shop I found two hardly worn, 100% linen, lined Laura Ashley shift dresses. One in a pretty floral the other a black and white floral. Beautiful fabric I couldn't pass up for a couple of dollars. I only wish they were a size bigger so they fitted me, I hope to re-fashion a skirt for myself or maybe some dresses for Miss Muff one day.


  1. What a super lucky find Julie ... that pink floral is just adorable!!!
    Joy :o)

  2. Good one Julie, that will make a lovely skirt.

  3. Oh Julie you remind me of my 'going away dress' in '79. It was a summer evening wedding and I had a full length Laura Ashley in pink and white floral with a square sleeveless neckline and then it went down in gathered layers, getting fuller as it lengthened. It was just right and I cannot throw it out but must try and see that a retro shop or someone who loves it like I did gets it when I die.....You could quilt from it but it would break my heart to do it.