Friday, February 12, 2010

Just because...

A nice surprise in the letterbox this morning, a bag from Joy of Joypatch 'just because'. I love it Joy. Much too special to put groceries in so it will become my fabric shopping bag, when its not hanging in the studio.

Joy also popped in a little journal cover stitchery, her own design. I am really missing not having any hand stitching on the go so I'm going to start it too. It might be just the little project I need to get back into the swing of things. Thankyou Joy. Aren't bloggers the best!!

On the home front we are measuring our rainfall in inches not fractions of a millimeter at the moment. I had to go and meet the bus in torrential rain last night and jokingly said as we got out of the car you could have a shower in the rain and you won't need a shower tonight. Six year old buys don't need much prompting do they. Looks like I won't need to wash the clothes or socks either!!!! I said he could have got undressed first. Oh well.


  1. oh that photo is so cute! boys will be boys!!!!!!!!

    love your nice mail too!


  2. I love the pictures of your son! He looks like he is enjoying every second of it!

  3. Lovely bag from Joy - and oh, the pic of dear son - you manage to get such gorgeous candid shots of your kids!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. You should have given him a bar of soap Julie! It's wonderful isn't it, just love the rain at the moment. Such a difference to last year!

  5. Oh an outdoor shower sounds just wonderful! Your son is loving that! What a cutie!

    Nice bag too :)


  6. "Just because" gifts are the best... to give and the get.

    And how cool is your boy in the rain! What great spirit!