Monday, February 22, 2010


Tick, this little project is now quilted and hopefully bound by tonight. Getting closer....

In bloggy news, I had the pleasure of meeting Chookyblue over the weekend. Lovely girl but I feel its my public duty to warn any other bloggers considering meeting up with her. Don't, and I , mean DON'T show her any of your UFO's. Poor Kerri spent all of yesterday practically leg-roped to her sewing machine, I don't even know if she was allowed out for drinks, with Donna at the cutting table in her sewing room flinging one and half inch squares across the room at her until she finished a part done quilt top. I was glad just to be a spectator and and secretly pleased she didn't stay with us!!!!

Seriously, lovely to meet you Donna. Pity you are so far away.
Will check in on Kerri this week to see if she has recovered.


  1. Tag team next time. Your turn first and I will pick her up when she has finished with you. Lock your cupboards and draws. She finds everything. Lol

    It was great we could catch up with her, and hope to do it again sometime. Maybe a crafting weekend away. Meet in the middle some where (then she can tie us down).

  2. that's what i love about crafters ... they're unbelievably generous. PS Love the quilt. it looks fabolous and i wish it was mine!

  3. The quilting looks awesome! Hurry up and bind so I can see.
    Why does the evil me smile at the thought of you getting tied to a sewing table and Chookey flicking you with a tape measure as she demands "NO UFO's!!!" :o)

  4. LOL.........guess what.........Kerri gave me the directions to your front door.........look better move house before I come down again.........such a cheeky girl you are......
    with such a public warning dare I say it was also lovely to meet you........and it is good to see that secret project is nearly very exciting........

  5. Next time you'll both have your UFO's under control before Chookyblue comes to visit!!! She is a hard task master! I have to agree!! ;)

  6. I. am. loving. this postage-stamp thing you've got going on.

  7. I think you need to send her to Brisbane...