Saturday, February 13, 2010


Today's family outing was to an auction of an old church and an acre of land not far from here.

It sold for $27,000!!!

We met a few friends there. The men folk wished they had known about it sooner, they all thought they could have pitched in a few grand each and created there own place of worship. The Church of Latter dAY C/DC. You know, meeting once a month, BYO drinks and guitars. I'm not sure the old church would have stood up to much of that, but they had fun planning what could have been. Wives....well, we were quite happy it was sold to a mystery buyer. There was even a phone bidder. You know things are bad when bidding starts at $22,000 and it goes up in increments of $1000 including a vendor bid to get things going. The auctioneer and minister threatened to lock everyone inside after the auction and take up a collection on the way out to raise a little more cash. Afterwards we all stood around outside and chatted, kids running around the yard, I don't think the poor little church had seen that for years.

A faded Bushells sign on an old wall, took my fancy.


  1. what the, could you please send that parcel of land and churh my way, lol, coz prices in Sydney are on the up up up. Happy Stitching

  2. How gorgeous is that little church? I love it. It reminds me of my mums church/school house/home, looks like the same era. How amazing that it was so cheap. Hope the new owner gives it lots of tlc x

  3. Lucky I wasn't there!! I want an old Church badly..or is that an oxymoron?

  4. oh I need to move to the country! I would love to turn that into a gorgeous country house that would do martha stewart proud!

    happy valentine's day!


  5. What a sweet church and a great price!!! You don't see many of those come up...

  6. Imagine the possibilites....! It's gorgeous.