Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Yellow spots this time.
Its the same pattern I've been using, I love making it up in different fabrics.

I like how spotty fabric looks shirred.

While we are on spots.......can you spot the difference between the rain clouds and the approaching dust storm.
Not fun.
Another hot, dusty aussie weather day here.

edit: it appears from news reports this storm was actually a mini tornado. It was pretty wild and short lived.


  1. Love the spots and look how green your paddocks are in the middle of January. Hope you survived the dust.

  2. Cute dress, lovely work.
    Batten down the hatches, that looks like a dirty storm. Planning on spending tomorrow cleaning windows?? Fun!! Love Posie

  3. Might sound ever so slightly weird but....can you dress me??????
    Seriously almost all you have made in little person size, I want in BIG person size. Your fabrics are ace babe, absolutely ace!
    Ab xx

    I'll just do my measurements for you :o) he he he

  4. I hope that dust storm didn't make too much of a mess and that you got some rain, but that it didn't rain mud, if you get my drift. Spots are tops. Looks great.

  5. You have such a talent for selecting fabrics for a particular garment! They always looks so cute!

  6. Spotty! Very summery... 8-)

    Great photo of the clouds and dust storm! Wow!

  7. You must have a production line with those gorgeous little dresses!! I love the citrusy )is that a work?)spots. The weather is cool and pleasant here this morning, hope it's the same at your place??

  8. Hello Julie, love your choice of fabrics and the little treats you made...roll on autumn...I am already over Summer.....Warm Regards Lyn

  9. Ditto what Clare said ... I love spots too :o)!! What a cute dress :o).
    Joy :o)