Monday, January 11, 2010

Sewing away the hot weather.

Its too hot to do much at the moment so I'm working on replenishing my stocks of little girls clothes to sell. A jam packed bag from Retromummy has seen an flurry of activity today from the sewing "studio". Stay cool.....unless you are one of those people posting snow photos! Just lovely to look at while its hot.


  1. Sounds like your studio must be in a better spot than mine. Upstairs with no aircon is hindering my productivity. Happy sewing lovely,
    Ab x

  2. I am doing a bit of stitchig today front of the air-con.
    The sewing room is a total no-go zone in this weather...

    Love the spots!

  3. Ohh I love the blue roses fabric on the second dress.

    I just checked our thermometer outside 45 degrees C!!!! (113 F)

    I think I will go find some snow photos to look at!

  4. You must have a whole wack of these made by now! Good for you! 8-)
    I'm trying to stay warm where I am Julie... Brrrrrr..... We should split the difference between temps, then we should all be comfortable! 8-)

  5. Not much else to do on a day like this is there. Pretty roses.

  6. After morning sewing, we went swimming, ahhhhh . . . beautiful dresses, super pretty as always, love Posie

  7. love that last one, I had a skirt mum made me from that fabric when I was a kid. It is now part of my daughters wardrobe.

  8. Well over here in the western USA, we are cold and rainy. quite a difference from your place!

    I think the little top with the blue roses is adorable. So old-fashioned and sweet!!

  9. Look great! Can see little girls loving to wear them and everyone loving to see her in them. Great job. I´ll sell a lot of them, for sure.

  10. I love your little dresses, it brings back the memory of making them for my daughter(now 23). She had soooooo many of them, as well as her cabbage patch doll.