Friday, January 1, 2010

Reels and rain.

Here's a couple of shots from my little brother's photo session by the light of the full moon last night. Believe it or not this photo was taken at 10.30 pm when it was dark. With a very expensive camera set on long exposure you could swear it was taken in the daylight. The only way I can tell it was taken at night is the stars in the sky!

Old house by the monnlight, shorter exposure time.
Storm front approaching.

The approaching electrical storm.
At midnight it started to pour with rain and we got 28mls in an hour.

New Year, new blog header.
Some of my old cotton reel collection.


  1. Amazing shots. What an eye he has!
    Love the cotton reels! We're happy with the rain we got too...will keep the vegie garden going.
    Happy New Year. Carmel

  2. great pictures


  3. Amazing photo's Julie and I love the cotton reels. Wasn't it an incredible storm? Gotta love that rain. Happy New Year to you and your family xo

  4. Love your photos today, and the great collection of old wooden spools.
    Have a great 2010!

  5. Your brother's photos are terrific. It must have been quite a storm.

    I love your new look header. A great idea to start the new year off.

  6. Gorgeous Photo's - Our storm here in Tassie was pretty too - I am sure that the claps of thunder where directly over our house.

  7. Love those photos!! beautiful!!

    we are still in 2009 over here in Western United States. STill have 2.5 hours until the New Year. I'll be cozy and sleeping in my bed when it comes.

    happy new year!

  8. Lovely the new do you get your script on it so nicely?

  9. what awsome pics!

    Love the reel photo.

    Looking forward to see what you get up to this year : o )

  10. Love those cotton reels they make a fabulous header! The pics are amazing, especially the first one. We got a fabulous storm last night too, God was throwing his own fireworks display!! Happy new year xo

  11. What an amazing photographer your brother is!

    The new blog header is just perfect!

  12. Great header Julie!
    Awesome photos! Like seeing stars in daylight!
    That is a lot of rain!!! Hope you don't suffer the humidity down your way...
    Happy new year and happy stitchings!

  13. Wow those pics are AMAZING! I gather he's a professional photographer?
    Love the reels. It looks like you've got a big collection.

  14. Happy New Year! I really like your new header pic. Those photos your brother took are amazing, and yes we had a storm here too for the last 2 nights and the thunder and lightning was amazing NYE! It is nice to have rain this time of year, especially for the vegies.

  15. oh julie, i'm...JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!! love the new header and love the new pics!!!!!!! aren't you lucky to have a brother like that!!!
    do you think he'll leave the bride at the wedding so he can take the best photos of the night when he gets married!!!!!!!!

    how are all the guests going, almost done now????

  16. love the new header and the house photos are very cool..........

  17. Happy New Year Julie! Wonderful pictures! Amazing. He needs to come out here and get some pics of our spectacular top end storms xox