Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pondering studios.

The dressmaking division of my sewing room has reopened after the Chrismas/New Year holiday period. Photos to come.

I've been pondering the whole sewing room thing too. I've decided to refer to it from now on as my studio. Doesn't that sound posh!

The word studio makes me think of big airy rooms with timber floors, soaring ceilings and a lots of work space.
I looked up some definitions and apparently its a place where you practice your art/artists workroom, nothing about size or design so that will do me. So the small fifth bedroom at the end of our hall is now the "sewing studio".
I've dropped hints about shifting our bed into a smaller room so I can use the master bedroom as my "studio" its huge, but its not a popular option with my co-habitor. I've tried all the arguments ie. "he has a big shed why can't I have a big sewing studio", "we only sleep in there" and "I'll let you bring the pool table inside" (cutting table shhh). Nothing has worked so I'll have to be content with my box.

My internet travels have turned up some fantastic crafty studios so in future when I refer to my studio you can imagine me working here,


or here.

Photos from here and here.
Google "craft rooms" for more inspiration, I just wasted lots of time.


  1. you have gotten me going too!
    Lol I love looking at different craft rooms too. I wish mine was like a lot of these and was a room of my own, but it is in the family room, which happily enough is the centre of the house,

  2. Oh, I like the aqua!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. What's a studio without a chandalier or pink computer? You have to have one of each in your new studio. I love each of those rooms (but am also very happy with my own).

  4. I've also spent lots of time looking at "craft rooms" and "sewing rooms" looking for inspiration for my dream "Sewing Shed". Meanwhile, I still sew in the lounge room, where I can prattle on to Mick at the same time.

  5. Absolutely Julie, i've always referred to my sewing area as a studio & . . . one day this blurted out when an uppitty mum at school looked down her nose at me & asked what ever it was that i did by calling myself a "stay at home mother of 4 who works" drum roll please, i blurted out "i actually run two design studios where i am the creative director, it's great, i make my own hours & you see me at the school gate every day at 3 . . ." boy did that shut her up!! So proud of myself.
    Currently my studio is the formal lounge/ dining area at the front of our Army house, which is huge, airy, at the front door for customers (so i can keep the home private) & has huge windows. Being Canberra, it's boiling hot in Summer & ffffreezing in Winter. We keep moving so each studio & set up is very different, this is by far the best one ever!! Love Posie

  6. very nice indeed, move the bed I say :)

  7. The top studio is a favorite of mine. I'd like to think those studios only look that way for the photo shoots and the rest of the time they're messy!

  8. Don't those studios look fabulous!!!
    I have a dining room table LOL

  9. Studio is good. I call mine "The stitching room" obviously. I disappear there quite often. I love your leg extensions Lucas just made me some out of a fence post.