Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ning thing.

Nothing stitchy happening around here. Not so wonderful day, went shopping, so did everyone else within a 50km vicinity, vacuum cleaner blew up, small child prompty broke a glass on the floor etc etc. Tomorrow is a new day. sigh....

Photo is just a random sewing studio shot, I'm in the new room and I love it. Getting everything very organised. I can recommend a room swap if you need a good clean out of crafty paraphernalia.

The main reason for this post is to say I've joined the Sew It Together Ning thing. Cool idea if you haven't already joined up. I've popped all the blogs I didn't already have into Google Reader in an attempt to at least know a little bit about everyone when we finally get to Melbourne. I can't believe how many are going. Sheridan you are doing an amazing job, thankyou.


  1. Have fun in the new room, I almost forgot to change who you are? in my follow list, done it now so all is good. I really would have liked to go to Sew it Together but I missed out by 'this much'! Never mind, next time.

  2. I presume you made it to "the big room" and moved the bed :)
    Hope today has been a better day.

  3. My real-life friend Bianca is going to the ning thing, she is coming all the way down from Darwin.

  4. Such days happen to the best of us Julie... Tomorrow is another day! 8-)

    A room change is fun, an effort, and yes! A great way to go through your crafty items...

    Have fun! 8-)

  5. lovely room! ning is new to me but I like it already!!!


  6. Oh I can't wait for Melb! Bummer about the vacuum xox

  7. Your new studio is looking lovely from your snap shot! Lucky girl to have such a special space of your own :) Enjoy Melbourne, I was too "shy" to even think about going! lol