Friday, January 22, 2010


We have just had a quick little holiday.
Looks like we went somewhere exotic doesn't it?
Thats if you call Frankston foreshore exotic. I think not.
We went and saw the sandcastle display, which is open for a couple of months.

Its the work of about a dozen or so artists from around the world, they are constantly working and repairing their sculptures which were so detailed. I managed to find a sewing machine, zip and safety pin which were part of the "inventions" sculpture section.

They had some good activities for the kids too.

When I got home and downloaded the photos I realised Mr Six had a pretty good trip. Here he is checking out a truck named after him at the Calder Park service station.

The nice driver put him up in the seat for a pic.

He also struck it lucky on the St Kilda foreshore where the rescue helicopter was doing some training exercises. We were the only ones around and the paramedic, in dripping wetsuit, came over and asked if Mr Six would like a look at the chopper. Wow!!!! They had been practising winching into the water from the hovering chopper but we missed that and caught them just as they were packing up.

He said there are three planes and two helicopters operating in Victoria. Little sister was transported in one of the planes when she was ten days old. I'm glad she was taken in one of the planes because I could go with her, by the looks of it there wouldn't have been any room for me if they had sent her in the helicopter. Its an amazing service, the pilots and medical staff operating it are so caring and helpful. The paramedic said the five aircraft are quite often all in use at the one time. I know the night we were flown to Melbourne they had brought five babies to Melbourne from country Victoria that day already.

Also, two posts ago I put a photo on of a dust storm approaching our house. WELL, news reports later that day were reporting it was a mini tornado!!!!! It knocked over five big electricity towers, I don't think there were any injuries as its not a terribly populated area. We drove that way on the way to Melbourne, there were trees stripped or branches and leaves, a lot had been just snapped off.

This field bin (for grain) had travelled a fair distance by the look of it. It looked like a UFO sitting in this paddock. We lost a small gum tree and had a lot of mess to clean up but no real damage, lucky.
No crafty pics sorry. Chaos here, changing rooms around, doing the post Christmas pre school starting clean up, going through kids clothes, toys etc. Too hot to go outside once again but must admit the last week has been nice weather wise.


  1. Awesome sand sculptures!! That was nice of the pilot to let your children play in the helicopter. Have a lovely weekend, love Posie

  2. what an adventure! Love it, thanks for sharing.

  3. The sand art is amazing! It looks like a great family day!

  4. The sand sculptures are amazing.
    Very lucky boy indeed and very generous emergency services staff and truckie The boys and I just spent the weekend up north with some friends on their farm, between Pyramid Hill & Kerang.

  5. oh wow julie! every little boy's dream...what a great time away you had !love the sandcastles, for a second I thought where has julie gone on holidays!


  6. Sounds like a great mini-break Julie, awsome pics. Lucky I guess that the storm was in an isolated spot and what a lucky little guy. Lots of photo opportunities!

  7. Any more freaky Indian spam emails from 'Posie' lately?? Forgot to mention it looks like a space ship landed in your paddock!! Love Posie

  8. The sand sculptures were something wern't they! I like your posts and I will come back again

  9. Changing rooms around hey........
    Mr Burly - take note in order to prevent shin destruction!!!
    Love the sewing sandcastle but I want a real one!
    Tell Pat even I haven't played in one of those choppers, I'm jealous
    Ab x