Saturday, January 2, 2010

I need an DSLR.

Little brother is telling me I need a DSLR. I can see why when he effortlessly pulls off photos like these. I wish he lived closer and I could just hire him to do all my photography.

Quilts on the hay stack.

Prettying up an old fence.

Sun setting through the clouds of the approaching storm.

We had another wild night of thunder lightning and 15mls of rain.
Loved this photo.


  1. Very nice photos.
    I like the quilt over the fence and the one of th lightning.


  2. Nice pictures. My camera is a good one too, but I think I use it wrong aswell, well actually, we don't have good light here, and outside, a fence and cars at both sides isn't helping much

  3. Wow! Those quilt pictures could be book covers. I really love the one of the quilt over the old fence!

    I would love a DSLR but I'm not getting everything I can out of the camera that I do have. I need to learn more about photography before I go DSLR.

  4. Awesome photos Julie! I'd hire your bro too!!! 8-)
    A lovely stack of quilts on the hay!!!

  5. Gorgeous Pics !! I am off now to find out what a DSLR is.... Hugs XX

  6. It is another time waster you know....... but boy is it fun. I love my DSLR affectionately called Clarice. Love the lightening shot.

  7. When your budget allows I totally recommend a good camera - I've got a Canon 400D which I love - however the only downside with this model is no 'live view' on the screen. The live view models exceeded the budget limit. Great photo's - love the lightening shot. Hugs Jxx

  8. oh gorgeous, love all your quilting pics and can't wait till you write up the pinwheel pattern!

    one day I'll get a nicer camera! gosh the photos are gorgeous!


  9. I think you just helped make my mind up for me. I've been weighing up the pros and cons of upgrading to a dslr but have been worried about the size (not a handbag camera) and of course the price. But those photos are gorgeous and I could never take anything like them with my current camera. Happy 2010 to you and your family Julie. I hope its inspiring, fun and full of love.

  10. Stunning photos. It is a pity he isn't closer. I'm sure you'd have a lot of fun with a DSLR. I'd love one, but I really like the portability of my little camera.