Friday, January 29, 2010

Girly day.

I had a lovely day today. I wittled down some more of my not so loved fabrics from my stash into 1.5 inch strips or 2.5 inch squares for some future scrappy quilts. The best bit was this was in the company of Abbe from Copperpatch who travelled quite a way to spend a day here.

Mild panic set in last week when I realised another blogger was going to come to our house. You know what I mean. You wonder what sort of picture you create in peoples heads when you blog and if you really live up to that image when they meet you in real life. Plus it meant I would have to give the house a good tidy and clean so she didn't tell blogland that it not as pretty as all the photos. Then the vacuum blew up. Great timing that was!!! Anyway I resigned myself to the fact she was coming to see me/us and not the clean floors. She had threatened to bring her white gloves which didn't help matters.

We had a lovely day, chatting, crafting, went out for lunch and picked a few vegies and the kids were very disappointed when we put her back on the bus to go home. So thanks Ab for the great day. First of many to come I hope.


  1. How fun to have a bloggy friend come and visit! I'm sure I would have been stressing about the cleanliness of my house too, not to mention the gang of noisy kids who inhabit it! Sounds like you had a lovely time, enjoy your weekend xo

  2. Aww shucks...I'm blushing! What an awesome day and lots of giggles to top it off. I had heaps of fun and your house is much nicer than mine. Can I move in? :o)
    Can't wait til next time.
    Abs xx

  3. haha, that's funny Julie, don't we all do that? Friends and family take on the role of 'the house inspectors' when realistically we have lived in homes, not showcases!!

  4. Dear Julie, surely your husband would never make reference to your current exercise regime (or lack thereof whichever the case may be) for fear of being called on his bluff and being asked to join you for a few quick laps around the oval? Mine certainly knows better xx And did I tel you before that I like this new look? If not, apologies! Narioka is the bomb!

  5. Weee bit jealous ;) Glad you 2 lovely ladies had a wonderful day. Isn't it fab this little bloggy community we have here xox

  6. Oh yeah, the blogutation! One of my sisters visited recently from san Fran and was disappointed to see that I was still the same Kate I'd always been. She thought from reading my blog that I lead some sort of designer lifestyle now. WRONG! I wonder if anyone would read my blog if I showed what my house really looks like most of the time.