Monday, January 25, 2010


My new blog address is

We have decided to close our online shop, Provincial Patch 
as we just aren't finding enough time together to keep it going. Its been fun and a big learning curve especially in the technology department. We want to get back to our crafty time and not have it all taken up "talking shop".
Thankyou to all our customers.

So I guess this means a name change and I've settled on "Narioka".
Here's a picture of the sign we inherited that used to hang on the gate on my Grandparents farm. I hope the family is fine with me using the name???? We must get around to hanging the sign properly ourselves.
Blog header to be updated when IT fixit guy returns this afternoon (Burly).

and......... to satisfy my inner shop keeper.

I've decided to open a Madeit shop too to sell my hand made children's clothes.
I've added a few that have appeared on my blog in the last few weeks, a lot more to come, you should see my WIP pile of clothes.

Oh, oh, oh....... my IT guy was surprisingly happy (I'm suspicious) with my suggestion to bring the sewing studio to a front bedroom instead of the tiny room at the end of the hall. Guess what I've been doing the last two days before he changes his mind. I would have done it anyway but its better if they agree prior isn't it.

Don't forget to update/re-name my name on your reading lists etc.
I'm not sure how much blogger changes automatically. I'd like to keep the same blog history and not start a new blog. I'm hoping this works.


  1. There's a time and season for everything so they say! Sounds like your season for new things is here, good luck for your new venture...
    Oh yes, it is always easier if they can agree up front.........LOL!

  2. well you just have to try things great drama if they don't work out as planned.........just go off and try something else......which I can see you with your new direction......

  3. Sounds like you've made the right decision for you.
    Your kids clothes will be a huge hit I'm sure!!!
    Enjoy your new space.
    Andi :-)

  4. With every ending comes a new beginning and it seems you have found yours - Your clothing is gorgeous !! I too am having a change in direction over the coming weeks - Must be the season for it.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful new adventure is starting in your life! How wonderful that you & Kerri had the opportunity to share the shop- shared life is fun! Congrats & all the best with your new venture!

  6. Good Luck on your new beginning!

    Is there a story behind the name? It's unusual.

    Your clothing is just precious and I'm sure you'll be successful!

  7. Here's cheers (with a cup of tea for now) to a new beginning with lots of experience to fall back on. Adventure 972 begins!
    Ab :o)

  8. Congratulations! 3 cheers to new beginnings hooray hooray hooray!! xox

  9. good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it all looks lovely and nice fresh start for a new year!


  10. Always lovely to have a name with meaning, i'll update you on my blog list & double check i spell it correctly!! Changing the name should be easy enough. Love Posie

  11. Good luck with your new ventures. I know you will do well. Thank you for being a wonderful business partner. We have learnt so much together. Now we have so much time to get some stitching done together. Looking forward to some normal chats. Now you will have to get your designs out there and go with it. You will do so well. Everyone will love them. Thanks once again Julie Lots of hugs and kisses


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  13. Oh Honey - this is sad, but exciting news at the same time ! Will update my bloglist and wish you 1000 blessings in your new solo venture !! XX

  14. I like your new blog name, do you know what it means? Good luck with your new shop, I'm sure it will be a great success! xo

  15. Looks like all your followers transferred over to the new blog! Too easy! I like the new name.

  16. I found you....and I believe you will be in my blog reader since I'm still listed as a follower.

  17. 2010 sounds like a great year to start new things. I like the name of your new blog too, you will have to tell the story of the sign one day. Hope you have lots of fun filling up your Madeit shop too, I am sure those clothes you make will be a big hit!

  18. Good luck with your venture and good on you for knowing when it's time to move on.
    I'm sure you and Kerri has stacks of fun!
    Life is ever changing and we are better for it if we listen to what our hearts tell us.

    Good luck to you both!!