Saturday, January 9, 2010


As promised...the sunflowers.
Some plants are well over 6 feet tall. Love them.

The bees love them too, check out his little legs!!

There should be a few sunflower pics around blogland.
The sisters and brothers of these plants from the seeds I sent out.

More vegies!!!
I have to pick every day otherwise I am ending up with massive squash and zuchinni. This hot weather is making them grow very fast. The corn is ripe too, a certain six year will be happy about that he's been waiting for it to ripen for what seems like forever.


  1. Sunflowers are my favourites - great pic of the bee. We had a bee sting here on Thursday - one very swollen finger for 2nd born.
    Our corn has been a dud this year. :(

  2. Great sunflower photos, Julie. I know what you mean if you leave the picking too long, the squash look like a UFO has landed in the veggie patch.

  3. They look lovely. Mine are only about a foot tall so I'm a little jealous :o)
    Making me hungry too! Enjoy your pumpkiny delights.
    Ab x

  4. Wow, just lovely. Guess what, looks like Tuscany in July is on, yippee, you've put me in a great mood. Love Posie

  5. Mne don't look exactly like yours but I'll see if I can get a photo !

  6. Oh these are so beautiful! And so is the dress that you made which is featured in the post below this one. You did an awesome job of it :)

    Karen xx

  7. you have produced some lovely produce. Great pics thanks. I don't have a hope of growing things, i don't have green fingers, but i do admire those that can. Great stuff!

  8. I love the Sunflowers! In the summertime here they don't grow to 6 feet cos the gowing season here is a lot shorter. Nevermind, I'll just drool over yours from chilly Canada!

  9. Wow, what a garden you have Julie! Those sunflowers are stunning. I'm surprised that bee can fly with all that pollen he is carrying around! xo

  10. Great sunflower photos Julie! Awesome! 8-)
    lol! Hard to keep up with the veggie patch... been there done that! Corn was always waited on here also...

  11. My sunflowers are bright and cheery by my front door. I will need instructions on how to harvest the seeds for next year.