Thursday, December 31, 2009

Where did that year go?

I can't believe it's 2010 in two hours.  I've got lots of crafty plans, some new adventures to tackle, some old ones to finish (haven't we all).   My new projects might come from one of my Christmas presents, I received these three books.  Oh for a quite moment to have a read.

We are still in B & B mode here with visitors until the weekend.  What a week its been here with family from far and wide staying.  Today we took a trip to the river for lunch and a look at the house and ski boats at the marina.  Bedlam!  People were gearing up for a big New Years Eve on the water.

We came back and lay in the yard under our big tree and my brother spent some time photographing the kids.  Do you like his camera?  We got some beautiful photos.  I can't pick a favourite yet.

I thought I'd finish the year with a shot of myself and the kids.  
I must get a photo of the four of us tomorrow.

Happy New Year everyone!!!  

I'm off to bed to listen to the storm thats about to hit.


  1. That is a lovely photo . When I saw the camera on the grass I thought it was a fancy sprinkler or something , der me !

  2. Happy New Year, you are celebrating the new year a lot earlier than us.
    We have to wait for about 11 hours.
    What a nice photo of you three.


  3. What a lovely photo Julie...Happy New Year to you and your family...sounds like a good year ahead.

  4. I love the picture of you and the kids! Have a happy and safe New Year!

  5. Great photo Jules. Enjoy getting stuck into those books and planning your creations-to-be.
    Ab x

  6. Love the picture of you and the kids! Happy New Year to you too! :0)

  7. Have a wonderful 2010 Julie!!! Oh, and that piccy of you and the tinies is just gorgeous!!!!!
    Joy :o)

  8. oh julie I just love that photo! I hope you'll frame it as it just looks gorgeous!!!!! it's soooo beautiful and um that's a big lens if ever I've seen one!

    I love my last minute gifts and weekend sewing and am sure you will too!!!! happy sewing and happy new year to all of you! wishing we were down there too


  9. Love the photos. Looks like you have worn Andrew out laying back behind that big bazooka . Have a wonderful 2010 and hope we can catch up more this year???

    Your books look great. Nice reading.

    And I'm with Corrie you will have to frame the photo of you and the kids. Great photographer.

  10. Thats a beautiful photo ! Can't wait to see one with Mr Burly as well...