Saturday, December 26, 2009

A spot of bag making.

I've finished my MIL's bag for her birthday, its a little late but I don't think she will mind.  I use the Flea Market Fancy bag pattern by Grand Revival.  I'll be making more.  Its a great little pattern.  I had enough of this fabric over and Mum and I have cut out one each for ourselves.  The fabric is curtain material from Spotlight.  

Messy reindeer, FC obviously doesn't carry a rake!

The Christmas table flower arrangement.  Pity we couldn't see each other over it but it looked very pretty.  Second round of house guests arriving tonight.  I've worked our we have 14 house guests staying this week (not all on the one night) ahhhhh.  No really, its great fun and its been so nice not to have to travel this year. 
Better go re-make a bed or two or three or four!


  1. Great bag...I have made that pattern & it is a good one. Your flowers are lovely...have a lovely Christmas with all your guests.

  2. Enjoy your visitors, and I love the bag - I have that pattern but haven't tried it yet. I just might hunt it out when I get home.

  3. love that bag julie!!!!!!! looks gorgeous, must try that pattern!

    lol at the floral arrangement!!!! looks lovely!

    better get back to your duties!

  4. You did a wonderful job on that bag love the fabric and pattern. I am sure your Mom will love it.

  5. Love the bag, and the fabric! Great job :)

  6. She'll love the bag, its great! Enjoy the guests and the festivities. Staying put and having people come to you is the best!

  7. Those reindeers are messy! The photos of the kids are great.
    I hope you've had fun in with all the playing hostess with the mostess.
    Ab x