Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Red and white.

I decided to have a quick trip to Shepparton today.  I gave Kerri less than an hours notice but she was up for the trip too so off we went.  First stop, Spotlight of course, I still think this is one of the best of their stores but don't tell anyone I might keep that my little secret.  I realised when I got home I bought quite a few red and whites, I also got quite a few other pretty fabrics, most on special, even better plus a few Christmas presi's.    The other reason for the trip was a $40 vip voucher I got in the mail valid for one week.  I made good use of that.  After a mere two and a half hours (can you tell - no children) we then headed to the town centre.  Kerri went one way and I went to the SPC Ardmona factory outlet.

Here's some of the haul from there.  790grams tins (the big ones) of different fruits, crushed tomatoes, spaghetti, baked beans etc all for a dollar each if you buy a slab.  Tomato paste and single serve fruit tubs  for 35 cents each, I bought a few slabs of them for the kids and school/work snacks.  Beats Safeway any day.  ooo I just remembered I shouldn't have gone so heavy on the tomatoes I have about three dozen plants in the vegie patch oops!  The tins will keep.  The only catch with shopping there is that when you unpack you need to write on the tins with no labels in big black texta so you don't have "mystery tins" down the track.  Nothing worse than not looking and tipping crushed tomatoes into your fruit salad or pouring two fruits into your bolognese sauce.  I suppose it could make the evening cooking experience a little more exciting.

The onion crop harvested and set out to dry.  I hope I'm doing this right, its our first time at it.  This is only half of them so I think we are going to be eating onions for a while too, at least they go with tomatoes well.


  1. And here I was thinking that I was the only one that knew the Shepp Spotty secret! I always find bargains there and the staff actually seem to know what they are selling. Astounding! Your onion haul is looking good.

  2. Hey - way to go with the onion crop Julie !!! Well done !!

  3. I love a good bargain and you got several!

  4. Looks like you had a very successful day in Shepparton!

    I love the spotty fabrics.

  5. Love the red and white fabrics. And thanks for reminding me about the voucher, mine is still sitting in the mysterious pile on my kitchen bench. Hhmm, can I squeeze in a trip to Spotlight tomorrow?

  6. Hey Julie!
    Good haul on fabrics and canned goods!!!
    Emailing you some "harvesting onions" info... 8-)

  7. "Well worth the drive for the prices" was the slogan of a local orchard near here. It sounds like it equally applies to your day out. Great crop of onions.

  8. Productive Shopping Trip.
    You can never have too much red and white in the stash :)
    Onions look good, we have not harvested ours yet, Peter likes to let the tops dry off a bit.

  9. Hmmm maybe a jaunt out to Shepp S'light then :)
    I like the look of your must-buys.
    That's a whole lot of onions. They look pretty good. I'm trying to grow then for the first time but mine aren't quite ready yet.

  10. ohhh that is so funny about the cans and needing to write on them!

    I also spent my voucher today and found the most amazing fabrics in red, white, green and pink and can't wait to whip up dresses. A new range by emma bloom (never heard of her) but hadn't been unwrapped yet....I bought 3 m of each design as I know if I left it I'd never find it again!!!!!!! I'd love to go the SPC place though, bargain city!