Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pumpkin tree.

I had a thought this year.  I'm not overly keen on sprawling pumpkins, mainly because the grass grows long under them and provide perfect hiding spots for those delightful reptiles that appear from time to time ie brown snakes.

So my solution this year was to try and grow my pumpkins vertically.  Here's one of my "pumpkin trees"  after all they are a vine and I have seem them climb fences and trees.  As its grown I've tied the stem a bit higher up the stake.   It has pumpkins all the way up it.  I'm not sure how it will go when they get bigger but I'll just wait and see.  Its working well so far plus we can mow around it.

One of the pumpkins growing about 1m off the ground.
This would be a great idea if you wanted to grow them in a small yard.

I've been looking back through my photos, isn't digital photography the best invention.  Here's our vegie garden five weeks ago

Same view today!!!!

So much for my snake prevention with the pumpkin plants, needless to say the kids aren't allowed to poke around by themselves out here while its such a jungle.  I've decided that cute little baby bunny we had in the back yard is living in here too.  mmmm, no missing carrots yet.  He lives another day.

Another before and after.  The strawberry patch ten weeks ago.

Here it is today.


  1. yum, I think I see strawberry shortcake in your future!!
    It will be interesting to see what those pumpkins do when they get big.

  2. Some wonderful stuff must be coming out of or about to come out of that garden! I hope the kids don't find any snakes.

  3. I hate snakes! I hope you can manage to keep them away. Otherwise, your garden is looking wonderful. I'm thinking when the pumpkins get heavy, they won't stay very upright, though.

  4. Wow what a contrast! Great idea with the pumpkins. My plants are about 10cm across so you're waaaayyy ahead of me.
    Hope you're having fun out there.
    Ab x

  5. Love the pumpkin 'trees' wow they are growing really well up the tall stake - they just might keep going up and up (better keep an eye out for the Jolly Green Giant)

  6. Great post Julie! I love the before and after shots. Have you had all the crazy rain we have been getting? I'm going to give your pumpkin tree idea a go, thanks! xo

  7. Wow! Your vege & strawberry patch looks great. Ours is rather dismal this year unfortunately. My dad grew pumpkins over a cylinder of concrete reinforcement mesh one year when I was a teenager. It eventually collapsed under the weight - it was enourmous. There was a photo of me in front of it and it was taller than me.