Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Proud Mum.

I attended my first end of year awards as a school Mum today.  I was so proud, our little prep man was awarded the numeracy award for prep.  He's done so well this year and he just loves school.  

The awards ceremony was followed by some Christmas carols, "dashing through the snow" yep its 41 degrees, that was pretty funny and then some quick student/parent/teacher races were held.  Can you tell its hot!!!!!  Every little patch of shade was taken.  

Then......oh dear....

I'll set the scene.  

Our little school of 130 kids received a $2 million grant to rebuild four class rooms.  Today they held a clearing sale of sorts of old furniture, computers etc etc to make some storage space while the build takes place.

I was child free for a few hours.......

Mr Burly left the ute home today ....and the keys.....

He won't be doing that again in a hurry......

There wasn't much of a crowd at the sale......


I made some purchases.....

My first ute load was this old art bench with ink well and pencil grooves ($4)  and some easels ($2) absolutely covered in years of paint, they look fantastic, plus a tool trolley for Mr. B. and stand for me to use at markets (not shown).

Second load, this is where I was beginning to think I might have a problem.  

Three old style desks with the lids that lift up.  I went hoping to purchase one, expecting to pay MUCH more than $10, hence the three.  Oh and the helpful Dads loading the ute for me threw in some free tables because I was such a good shopper.  I unloaded the first lot myself, the second lot will have to wait for Mr. B.  

Its a lot easier to hide fabric purchases girls!


  1. LOL - That made me giggle -I would have done the same - Love the bench !! It is fantastic and so are those yummy looking easels.

  2. So naughty but such BARGAINS!
    Easily justifiable to Mr Burly.
    I really love the easels, they look great.

  3. Great purchases.
    Well done to your little mathlete!!!!
    Andi :-)

    PS I may have a kitchen to sell in the new year. Should we chat?

  4. Gotta love a bargain. I wouldn't have been able to stop at one desk either.

  5. Oh Julie, you and the ute are a dangerous pair!!! Great bargain hunting, but yes, fabric is easier to hide...just think, you could have hid fabric in those desks!!! Congrats to the little prep man too xo

  6. i just stumbled upon this blog today.its so lovely,am amazed by your creativeness:)

  7. You made me laugh! I would so much be like that if it was me, I too cannot resist a bargain, thank goodness i cannot drive!!
    Congrats on the end of year awards, He looks such a delight. and the carols, lol at the snow

  8. Just as well you had the new ute! The easels will be great for displaying things at your new market stall. Well spotted bargains.

    Congrats to your little man. I loved maths too.

  9. Congratulations to the budding mathematition !Really Mr Burly is at fault totally as he should never have left the keys around .Glad he did , great buys .

  10. Yay for the end of year and great report. And so wish I was closer!! Would love the old desks! And easels. And it is partly his fault for leaving the ute, and it has been hot...xox

  11. oh you big spender! I would love a school desk, wish I'd known!!!!!!!


  12. You are a very lucky girl, I didn't know about the clearing sale and have had my name at the Op Shops for months awaiting a precious arrival of an old style school desk to turn into an art desk for Jaida and Jaxon *sighs* ... I should have rang Bob earlier this year (I remember Jeff's classroom was full of these desks when I taught Grade 2 at Locky back in 01 and 02 (lol)) .. Well done on the award too of your gorgeous little guy, was Sharon the Prep Teacher this year?

  13. I had to read your post.. I think the different wording people use in different countries is interesting! I am jealous that you have 41 degrees in Dec! We live in Alaska and it was 7 here today and snowed for the last 3 days! We have over 2 feet of snow! What is a numeracy award for prep? Is prep like elementary school?

  14. Your son looks so darn proud there! Happy times! 8-)

    Just a few purchases... right!? lol! Ya done good! 8-)

  15. great haul and fantastic prices... are these items now in use..???
    Cath Ü