Friday, December 11, 2009

Pickings, super squash.

Here are this morning's vegie garden pickings.  

I'm reconsidering letting my pumpkins go feral.  It looks great, but  underneath it all I remembered I had a squash plant.  I had a bit of a hack and finally found it, complete with huge mutant overgrown squash the size of footballs, oops.  Do you think they will be OK to eat still?  Mr Burly won't be too upset, he's not a fan.  They look pretty in the kitchen bench so not all is lost.  

Pictured, mutant squash, normal squash, cabbage, carrot, celery, rhubarb, leek, onion.  There is also a steady supply of spring onions and zucchini but I used them up yesterday and the chooks have started laying again after the heat wave, also plenty of strawberries but they don't sit around long enough to have their photo taken!


  1. They do all look so pretty in your photo! I'm not a squash fan, so I'd have no idea if they are still as good when they get SOOOO big!

  2. Wow, fabulous garden you have!! I love squash but have no idea if you can eat the mutant ones!!! xo

  3. Great harvest Julie, looks a picture (sorry). I would just have the mutant squash as gorgeous kitchen decoration, they might be a bit tasteless. I reckon they look 10 times better than they would taste!

  4. Yummo! What a spread. The squash are still OK. Try stuffing them with a yummy mince or rice filling. I have often missed picking mine and had oversized ones - oops!

  5. maybe you could stuff and bake the squash...........

  6. I agree with the stuffing and baking. I think you treat them the same as zuccini and it become tasteless when they grow giant. (I had a massive one called Tim - yep I named it coz it was soooo big). I think someone from the big smoke would pay about $40 for that spread or organic veggies! Well done you, Ms Green thumb.
    Ps. What's your new models name?

  7. What did you end up doing with the squash? All the veggies look yummy!