Thursday, December 17, 2009

My oh my Myra!

I had some more nice mail this week!!

May PIF gift from Myra arrived, all the way from Canada, isn't it cute.
Thankyou so much Myra.

The kids and Mr B all think its special too, the chooks not so much.
I went outside and tried to get a pic. with the chooks casually milling around, somehow I don't think they are into bright colours.
A chicken wire backdrop had to do.

Some of the other goodies, magazine, buttons a pin and a lovely handmade card.

I can't believe how much work went into this Myra!
Its all very perfect and finished off beautifully.  Some of the applique pieces are tiny.

Thankyou again Myra.

I'd better get cracking and finish mine off!!


  1. What a wonderful PIF! Lucky girl!

  2. I'm glad you like it Julie! 8-)

    It made it your way in good time... I mailed it on Dec 4th...

    Private email to come your way tomorrow... 8-)

  3. PS: I had sooooo much fun making it! Going to make myself one in the new year too... 8-)

  4. WOW....that is one GORGEOUS PIF gift!!! Obviously, your chickens do NOT have good taste if they were unwilling to pose for a picture with that! hehehe

  5. gorgeous! wow so generous!!!!