Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mini market.

Question - "Is it possible to prepare for a market stall with only 20 minutes notice"
Answer - "yes, I did it this morning"

Its a long story but our district health service was having a fiftieth birthday celebration today.  Free BBQ, jumping castle, music, face painting, games, afternoon tea that sort of thing.  I asked ages ago if they were having any stall holders and they didn't think so.  It turned out they changed their mind and they realised they hadn't rung me to tell me until the market had started this morning!!!!!! ahhhhhh

So in a mad flap I threw a couple of boxes in the car, they said they had set up a card table for me, no time to organise clothes racks etc, oh well.  Grabbed a pink striped sheet to put over the table, it actually looked OK, I might use that in future seeing I haven't got around to making a table cover.

And there you go - my mini market stall.  Not quite how I anticipated it would look, I think I'll wear some more appealing clothes next time too but I knew everyone there so it was silly glamming up too much.  I sold four things in the short time I was there so can't complain.

Miss Muff with her free scones, jam and cream.
This was cute to watch.

A little bonus was being able to chat to a very regular market stall holder about the local markets.  I got the low down on each one.  I had sort of worked out which was the best one for me, she just confirmed it which was good.  More on that next year.  

She won't want to know this but....
Corrie...FYI....its going to cost $15 for a site, and today's site was free.


  1. well done for such a quick effort........and I am sure Corrie will be cursing you as she reads the costs........I know what some of the girls pay for markets in the's a whole different world........

  2. Wow! What a short notice surprize!!! Quick gather and go!!! Good for you Julie!
    Miss Muff is too darn cute sitting there nibbling... 8-)

  3. Way to go Julie !!! I should have left all my dresses with you for the weekend, but talk about lack of organisation on their behalf !! Oh well - you did a fine job just the same....lucky you have been so busy making in the last few weeks !!! XX

  4. how cool is that little opportunity! a bit of practice and your assistant looks lovely and friendly!

    yes I wouldn't mind $15 for a wee stall!


  5. You did well at such short notice. When you have time to plan it will be a breeze.