Monday, December 21, 2009

It feels like Christmas.

It feels like Christmas. 

Everyone here has finished school and work for the Summer break.

The man in the red suit popped into town.  The reindeers had a night off and one of the elves borrowed the local fire truck.

We have done a spot of gardening, tidying up before our guests arrive.   We used to have a bridge over the old channel but we relocated the channel away from the house so we had a bridge that went nowhere.  

The machinery was brought in.  Presto, no more bridge.
I think I've said before I love gardening with a tractor.

This isn't Christmasy but its fascinating.
Mr Six found this spider in the garden today.
I've never seen anything like it.  Its about the size of my thumbnail, but a lot more spiky.

We won't mention what was also discovered in the garden this weekend.  
Scary.  I'm hoping it was traveling alone.

Edit: I've discovered its called a Jewell Spider, nice name, not so nice appearance.  Apparently they are related to the orb family of spiders and appear in "healthy gardens".  There you go!


  1. hi julie
    lovely blog
    ugly spider tough :P
    love from argentina

  2. IEUW, spiders. ..... Running away in fear.......

  3. Oh Santa in the fire truck! Now I'm hope sick. And yes, no more of those kind of visitors, brown I'm guessing xox

  4. Santa blends in with the firetruck really well... 8-)

    Tractors certainly make gardening much faster!!! lol! Big job otherwise...

    The spider is interesting, and I hope not poisonous!!! ewwwww....

    Your wee ones must be getting excited... or at least your oldest!!! 3 more sleeps! 8-)

  5. Your photo of Father Christmas on the fire truck brought back memories of my sisters and I going to the Christmas parties at our local fire station where my dad was the station officer :) EEW that Jewel spider is certainly a sight to behold. Merry Christmas. Hugs Jx