Monday, December 7, 2009

Give away - little girls pinnie.

Isn't this cute.
Can you see a little girl in it for Christmas.

Pop over and visit Kesenya and enter her giveaway to win it.

She wants to know you favourite outfit you used to wear as a child.
The main clothes I remember wearing were three tier skirts with lots of ric-rac and velvet overalls, oh and shirts with frills on the collar and cuffs.  I used to like the skirts best.  

Kensenya had lots of other little girls outfits on her blog for sale too (she's my partner in crime in that department).   We both have a little girls to test our clothes on and squeeze in the odd sewing nights together which are fun.

I had a play on E-bay listing a few things yesterday, including some hand made girls clothes.  I think I've finally mastered E-bay, I don't know why it took me so long???  Will wait and see how I go.  My little girls top is up to $1.04 at the moment, thats the scary bit, I hope I don't end up just giving them away for nothing.  Oh well.  You never know unless you try, I still have a few days to go.  I've also set up a Madeit shop, but you won't find me yet.  It's on vacation mode until replace all my sales from last week then I'll have some outfits to finally advertise. Isn't technology marvelous.  Great for Mum's at home.

Don't forget Kesenya's giveaway!!!!!


  1. Very cute and some little girl will be lucky to wear that!

  2. Hi Julie - have you put a reserve price on your goodies on Ebay? Lovely photo of you and Miss Muff at the market.