Monday, November 2, 2009

A win, fruits and flowers.

This week has started off well.  We spent all day with some old friends yesterday.  Eating, kids playing and generally just catching up.  Mr 6's tonsilitis only bothered him for a one day, the drugs worked quick which was good.

The kids are very happy the strawberry patch is bearing fruit.  Yum, better than the shop ones they are telling me, I'm yet to be quick enough to get one so they must be good.

And then....... this morning I discover I've won a giveaway from Abbe at Copper Patch.  Exciting!!
Abbe is newish to blogland so drop in and say Hi.  She's done some lovely quilts too.  Thankyou Abbe.  :0)

And, and, and my roses finally bloomed, all at once, it looks great in the garden.  This is a bunch I picked for a friend.

Very hot here, blah, it had to come.


  1. Funny how quick the kids are with the strawberries ! The hot is just beginning , blah is right !

  2. And very beautiful roses they are too, the heat brought mine out as well, just gorgeous. Congratulations on the win, can't wait to see what you get.

  3. Congrats on your win....and what BEAUTIFUL roses! Thanks for sharing them.

  4. Those roses are delicious- I just love roses !! My strawberries are just growing they haven't ripened yet. There is nothing better is there than home grown fruit.

  5. Keep cool the strawberries!

  6. Oh your beautiful roses! So wish I could smell them. If I close my eyes hard enough.....maybe.....not the same.
    And yum home grown strawberries are the best!! Hope the heat doesn't knock things around too much xox