Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Small things.

I've been making more small clothes.  Shirred of course.  I've been breezing along then yesterday one turned out weird, I don't think the elastic was feeding from the bobbin properly, I re-wound it and started again and everything worked fine, so that was a mystery.

I'm looking forward to the Australian Quilt Market this Saturday with Corrie and Kerri (say that ten times fast!).  Corrie and I are planning on doing the workshops, then off buying for the shop with Kerri.    Corrie and I are hoping we can sneak off for some additional retail therapy once we are done at the market.  Some other family catch ups in store while we are in Melbourne.  Meanwhile hubby will be at home for the weekend doing lots of this.........

Hay raking this morning.

We usually make big round bales but the menfolk have decided to make some small square bales this time.  Here's the "new" "old" machine being tested out this morning.

This caught my eye in a crafty kind of way.
The bale twine wound around the tractor workings.  


  1. Those skirts are gorgeous. I love the fabric. x

  2. hello juli,

    wath a nice idee.the dress ist soooooo lovely.
    what is a germany quilt markt?
    i'm german,bat i dont nouw...????greatings conny

  3. Julie, those are so adorable! I love the one with apples. I noticed your previous post with Ellie Mae wearing that one, it looks so cute! Great Job!!!

    you make such nice things.

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  5. Have a great time on the weekend, I'm envious! You don't see too many 'little' bales anymore do you, I love seeing them all lined up ready to stack - says summer!

  6. Hey Julie, Annie and I will be at AQM as well.....want to grab a coffee? snack? catch up.

  7. hi there! can't wait to see you there!


  8. Your little Ellie Mae is going to be the best dressed for your summer this year! They are adorable! 8-)

    Have a great time on Saturday! 8-)
    Good luck with the retail therapy! I now you will do well though! 8-)

  9. Hello Julie, thank you for the tutorial on the Shirred top...gorgeous...Warm Regards Lyn

  10. I am also in love with shirring, these skirts look really great