Saturday, November 7, 2009


We had a morning shopping, visiting Dr. (youngest on abs now) and checking out a few garage sales.
The kids picked up these cusinaire rods for $5, they have been hours of fun already.

I got an old case in pretty good nick for $1.  

I've been sewing up a top for myself this afternoon in these fabrics.
Moda's, Arcadia.


  1. Wow! I haven't seen rods for years. If I went looking I think I could find mine from kindergarten. They were the best fun to play with and learn basic maths.

    Your fabric looks so fresh. It should make a lovely top.

  2. Oh my goodness..rods! I used to love them at school, sorting them out, building towers. Hours of fun, lucky you, what a fab find! And the suitcase is snazzy too, good for storing fabric. Speaking of which, I love your new pieces. Lots of good things happening your way this weekend, hope tomorrow is fun too xo

  3. Oh I used to love those rods at school, wow does that bring back memories!!! Great finds Julie, I love your fabrics too xo

  4. Fun memories of cuisinaire found some treasures!

  5. What awesome purchases! I haven't seen blocks like that in years!!!
    The old case is indeed in pretty good shape... 8-)
    I look forward to seeing your top.

  6. Great bargains. I LOVE the case.

  7. Fabulous suitcase, gorgeous fabric, but I'm mostly loving the rods! For the little walk down memory lane to primary school. Oh, I hope I can find some for my own kids sometime. Such a great way to learn for the more visual/kinesthetic types.

  8. I had forgotten all about the blocks like that - wow!
    Great finds

  9. My daughter has just seen a childrens pattern very similar to this and loved it, so now she wants one. I don't suppose you can let know what the pattern was ?
    By the way the shirred dress I made for her was a hit. At 20 she still *does* want mum to make some clothes.