Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rolling in fabric.

Finally I get to unpack my spoils from the quilt market.
Mmmm, new ready made bindings now in a narrow version.

Mmmmm, new pre-cuts.
Coming soon to the shop.  I'm having great trouble working out which one to make up first.

Mmmm, new cottons for little dresses from Spotlight Essendon.   The Bendigo and Frankston stores didn't have much of a selection.  Lots of spots, more apples, fairies and hearts.  Very happy with these.

More birthday goodies, this time from Janelle.  From memory these are from the poetry collection, the same range in the quilt in my header (along with Faded Memories).   They will be put away for a special project.  I think I still have some other scraps from the same range.  Thankyou Janelle.  Love the key-ring too.

And last of all some boyish purchases.  These were picked out by the Mr Six to make Benny a quilt.  Trains and planes again from Spotlight.  Benny was supposed to live and Grandma's but he decided a trip to the country sounded like a good idea so we need to make him up a bed.

Off to rummage through some more bags from my trip.


  1. Do you want some help rummaging ?Love , love the new fabric .

  2. hello juli,

    that is sooo very nice fabrics.

    greatings conny

  3. I'm having a real hard time getting past the first picture...all that gorgeous binding! Delicious!


  4. The precuts are so pretty. I just like looking at them. :)

  5. It looks like you are going to have some good fun with all your spoils.