Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pink puffs.

I just had the biggest brainwave while hanging out the washing, it does happen occasionly, the brainwave not the washing I mean.

I'm planning on going to the Daylesford Makers Market on Saturday for a look and I know a few other bloggers are going.  I had a few people e-mail me after the Quilt Market to say they were there on the same day I was but we didn't know until after the event so we didn't get to meet.  :0(

Back to the brainwave.....we need some sort of code when we are out and about at crafty events so we know who the other crafty bloggers are.  I thought maybe we could wear a small pink yo-yo/suffolk puff badge/brooch type thing on our top for the day.  That way if you think you recognise someone you know they are a blogger and will save the embarrassment of asking a non-blogger who they are.   If you want to stay annonymous you don't have to wear one.

Let me know what you think and if everyone thinks its a good idea we will spread the word.  I'll wear one anyway.  Can you tell I don't get out much!

Now that the camera is working again I can show you another two birthday fat quarters.  Bec sent me these back in October with strict instruction not to open till the day.  They are very pretty, thanks Bec.


  1. I'm so excited you are coming to the market! How fun. It's meant to be the best one ever with over thirty fabulous stalls so bring your pocket money! I'm hoping to buy some Chrissie presents as I think there will be plenty of lovely things. I like your pink idea, sort of like a secret code. See you on Saturday xo

  2. Great idea - I would love somebody top pop up and say hello at a venue like that!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. Excellent idea Missy. I was just thinking that I should plan what I am wearing and tell you so it would be easier to find me but you've got it all sorted. Guess I better open my 'puff maker'. I think mine makes the heart shape...
    Uh oh, I think that is a sign of a gizmo tragic. I don't even know I own!

    ps. looking forward to meeting.

  4. Great idea, I'll make one tonight, I'll bet there's a sea of pink yo-yo's cruising down Vincent St, lol!

  5. How I wish I was close enough to go to the markets. They sound fabulous. We will be going to the Braidwood Airing of the Quilts this weekend, so I suppose I can't complain too much. Your idea of the pink puffs is very clever. Enjoy your day.

  6. great idea,if I can make it I will wear one!

  7. I keep hassling people with badgemakers to make " I Blog" buttons but no takers yet.
    I love this idea Julie can we extend it to "wear a yo-yo"
    without being colour specific??? Pleeeeaaasssse, I am a sook and I want to wear a red one!

  8. What an excellent idea Julie!!! I likes it!! It could be a "World" thing you are starting you know!?! Any quilt/craft show, anywhere!!! Smart cookie!!! 8-)