Monday, November 16, 2009

My poor legs.

Ahhh!!! Where do I start. There is a complete lack of photos to show how busy I have been the last few days. The kids and I have had a Melbourne break. Greeting us when we arrived were Penny and Benny, Maggie Mae's two cousin's. (My Mum made them from Jodie's pattern's for the kids to play with when they have holidays here.) They are spending most of their time naked thanks to a particular two year old, lucky the weather is warm.

Saturday was the Australian Quilt Market, the highlight was probably catching up with all these bloggy girls in one hit, Kerri (aka Rhonda), Corrie, Jodie, Annie, Andi and Jo. It was just like catching up with old friends, I haven't laughed so much in ages. As well as the Quilt Market, Corrie, Jodie, Annie and I hit the streets of Melbourne and checked out some other fabric haunts, my legs are telling me we covered quite a bit of ground girls!!!! We definitely need to make it a weekend affair next year and remind me to wear hiking boots!

Here's a shot of the very pretty Creative Abundance stand just to prove I really was there. I was too busy ooing and ahhing over everything to get the camera out the rest of the time.. We bought heaps of new, pretty fabrics, sat in on some classes, Rosalie Quinlin was good, the other sessions....were....well.....very strange, I'm with Corrie, whats with all the dark country fabrics, batiks and feral animal applique's they are trying to sell us??? We are going to buck the trend and stick with the pretty ranges.

This is my Mum's latest creation in progress. Mariner's compass. It looks amazing, it still has to be set into a square.

I've even managed some quilting time. Here's a small portion of my Girls Day Out Quilt. I'm going quite heavy on the quilting and trying lots of new swirls and curves for fun. Some are working out better than others but overall it looks fine.

Last night was a family dinner in the Dandenongs. We had five additional dinner guests, above. Their table manners left a little to be desired as I found out when I put down my burger only to have a Kookaburra land on my plate and try to take it away. They were extremely quite, not afraid of noisy kids or adults shushing them away.

Well its off to bed for me.
Here's the girls in their new PJ's that Grandma made for them.
Benny is just sleeping in his jocks for now, he was a little camera shy.


  1. Glad you had fun in Melb.
    Now pop your feet up and relax!!!!
    Andi :-)

  2. Wow Julie, clearly the stitching talent runs in the family :o)!!!! Love your Mum's Mariners compass, those colours are stunning ... not to mention those adorable dollies ... aaawwww!!! Your quilting on your "Girls Day Out" quilt is fabulous!!! Love the curls and hearts :o).
    I would have loved to go to the AQM ... maybe next year, and I'll take your advice and pack comfy shoes ;o).
    Joy :o)

  3. Your mothers Mariners Compass is fantastic and your quilting looks wonderful! What a wonderful time you had with your girlfriends!

  4. That Mariner's Compass is BEAUTIFUL (tell your Mum) and I enjoyed seeing the kookaburas, too, since we don't have them here. We have gulls near the beach area that will steal food from people, too.

  5. I know ! My poor feet were killing me ! But we earnt those icecreams !

  6. everything looks beautiful! gosh I love it when the kookaburra's just pop in to say hi!

    my feet and shoulders were aching and I was still in my nightie at 10.30 on a sunday morning which NEVER happens! but gosh it was an inspiring and amazing day!

    next year we'll do the saturday and finish with drinks and dinner I think! a big bloggy dinner!

    thanks for being my market buddy!!!!!


  7. I want to tag along with you guys next time! It was so lovely to meet you all, we're like one big happy family!!

  8. I want to come next time.............

  9. Sounds like a great trip. Love your mum's work, fabulous colours.

  10. Me too - Bugger the wiggles concert....... Glad you had a fantastic time - Jo loved it - I am so jealous :)

  11. You could have just asked me , I would have suffered the market for you , but I am glad you had such a great time .

  12. I can not believe I didn't meet all you girls. I didn't think to say in a post i was going - silly me. I met Jo which was nice.