Monday, November 23, 2009

I can't decide.

Thanks to all the girls who have booked in to my quilt retreat when I finally move into my new house.  The maid and cook have been briefed and are already making preparations.  Just a few finer details to attend to, like reminding the gardener to sweep the helipad, that type of thing, you know how it is.

Lots of lovely new pre-cuts now in store here.  I can't decide on a favourite, there a so many pretty colour combinations in jelly rolls, honey buns and charm squares.

They have taken a few days to appear in the shop due to unfavourable weather conditions delaying photos, then my camera battery went flat.  I've either left my battery charger in Melbourne or I've put it in a "really safe place" somewhere around here.  I've been lucky enough to borrow one.  Hoping mine turns up soon. 

Happy browsing.


  1. I'd love to fly over to attend a quilt retreat at your new house Julie! I just have to make sure the private jet is fueled up and ready, LOL.

  2. The helipad... Good one! lol! Don't forget the landing strip for us international retreat attendees! 8-)

    Thanks for the reminder to charge my camera battery!

  3. No one told me that my really safe place would be a secret. Sounds like the same thing happened at your house!

  4. ohhhh verna is my favourite! how did I miss that! Ok next time I'm sticking with you at the moda!


  5. Nice house. I gather you'd be downsizing from where you are now? :0)
    Save a room for me please. I won't need a parking space as the chauffer won't be staying.
    Ab :P