Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Home to the heat.

We finally made our journey home today.  Leaving behind a Melbourne top temp yesterday of 19 degrees and coming home to 36 and 42 degrees tomorrow.  Can you see why we extended our stay a few days.  I thought a week was long enough for Dad to be a bachelor and the garden was needing some attention water wise.

Mum and I took the kids to the beach yesterday, we pretty much had it to ourselves.  Farm boy got wet, sandy, itchy the lot, Miss Priss wore her gumboots, she isn't so much a fan of sand between the toes.
Now I look at this pic. I'm sure there are rules as to keeping the horizon straight in photos, next time!

I almost didn't recognise the vegie patch, you don't realise how much things grow until you go away for a week.  I didn't get around to shifting the self sown pumpkins before we left so they are going to take over.  Very "Return of the Triffids".

I also came home to lots of mail.  Kris sent me some old patterns her Mum was throwing out.  Some great little boy designs that I don't have many of and some cute dress ups which will be handy.  Thankyou Kris.

AND, my birthday fat quarters have started to arrive.  They soften the blow of turning another year older.  Thankyou Julie and June for these lovelies.

Mum made me a ginger fluff cake to bring home too.  Off to cream and ice that, mmmm.


  1. Hey Julie! Sounds like you have a great break at the beach - laughed at Miss Priss and her gummies on the beach! Tee! Hee! Hee! Also had a giggle at your "Day Of The Triffods" pumpkins - couple of years ago we had a self-sown tomato that took over the herb garden ... and the carport!! We referred to it as the 'Triffod Tomato' or 'the Tomato That Took Over The World'! Was very productive, though! :0) Glad the parcel of patterns arrived safely - will be fun to see what you make with them. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope it's a good one and may the coming year be full of adventures, fun, friends, fabric (of course!), laughs and love! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  2. Not sure when it is, Julie, but Happy Birthday to you!!! I'm feeling so sorry for you all in that dreadful heat that seems to be in a lot of places. As usual, your little ones are gorgeous!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. A ginger fluff cake. That just sounds fabulously delicious.

  4. the temp was lovely if it was hot at homem for you like us.........constantly chasing hoses..........

  5. Happy Birthday Julie!!!

    I love the beach photos with your children!

  6. I always loved taking my kids to the beach. Now one spends every free second there and the other could care less. Love the pink boots!