Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cup Day garden blitz.

We had a big day in the garden here.  It was the Melbourne Cup Day public holiday so we were all home.  Mr six thought it was silly having a day off for a horse race.  "Can't we just watch it on TV at school" was the question.  He loves school.
The jobs done, in no particular order were mulch for the vegies, we rolled out a bale of straw and run over it a few times with the ride-on mower and presto some mulch.

Mounds of soil with pumpkins planted in them.  Placed behind the calf shed away from the main garden in case the snakes decide to hide there.  They will get the run off from the shed too if it rains any more.

My favourite rose is flowering.

One of our more friendly garden reptiles, a baby gecko.

A small portion of the canna lilies from Kesenya.
They need a weed don't they!  I planted the rest along the back of the tennis court.  They are growing but haven't really been watered so they are not as advanced.

Flowering bottlebrush.

Our bush tennis court.  We are looking for an old cylinder mower to buy, the ride-on mower can't quite get low enough but it makes a nice play area anyway.  I love how green everything is at the moment.  Too many more of these hot days will knock things around.

I actually did some sewing today too.  Photos tomorrow, I still have finishing touches to add tonight.


  1. Hello, this was a pleasant blog stumble! Finding your lovely blog with so many things like I like! cept the quilts, I like yours but I am nowhere near as clever. I will be adding you to my lovely list of inspirational places, specially the garden updates. Your roses are amazing by the way.

  2. ok thats it! we're swapping! you're coming to live in sydney and I'm moving to your house.... I soooo want your garden!!!


  3. That looks like such a wonderful garden space to play. How I would love a bit of flat space, oh well, one day :)

  4. Oh Julie what is that rose called? It is just beautiful......

  5. i always enjoy your garden/yard tours you give us. I've never seen a bottlebrush. That is so pretty!

  6. Awesome photos Julie! That tree with the red flowers (?) is very interesting! Love it! 8-)