Friday, November 27, 2009

Blog puffs.

To market, to market, well, I'm only going to look but maybe one day I'll be a seller.

Now I'm all puffed up and ready to go.

Here's a list of other bloggers hopefully attending, who are going to wear pink suffolk puffs so we can find each other.  $%#&@) Jodie wants to wear a red one so I've opened up the puff thing to all colours now in case you want to co-ordinate with your outfit or complexion.

Pink puffettes so far are....

Abbe from Copper Patch (wearing her "puffolk suffs")
CurlyPops ( in an emergency pink flower brooch)
Allison from The Lark (wearing yoyo apron at her stand)

Suffolk puff/yo yo making virgins below

Andi from Patch and Andi (if she works out how to make one)
Nic from Yardage Design (wearing a mangled piece of fabric stuck to her shirt)( check her blog it didn't turn out too shabby after all!)
Kate from Foxes Lane (possibly in a crochet yo-yo)
(well, Kate will won't exactly be "in" a crochet yoyo, she will have other things on to, I hope, digging myself into  a hole here, sorry Kate.  This dress immediately comes to mind.)

and in the RED puff

We will also have two puff/yoyo wearing males.  

The Daybook Exchange (puff courtesy of Jodie)

and of course Mr Burly ( puff courtesy of me)

Don't forget to check in at Jodie's table, she has a treat for those wearing blog puffs.  Jodie and I have also made some emergency puffs if anybody can't get time to make one for tomorrow.  

I'll add to this list if I get any more takers so check back before you go tomorrow.

The husband also wants to wear one too, insert big eye roll here.  He reckons he can act as a spotter for me.  So if you see a burly guy wearing a suffolk puff he's mine, OMG how embarrassing.

Still trying to come up with a better name for the secret bloggy puff wearers.
Ideas welcome.

Here's some link to yo-yo making tutorials too as requested

See you tomorrow.


  1. OMG I can't wait to meet Mr Burly puff !!!

    You can add Annie flowergarden to the list - she is at work so I'll make her one today ready for tomorrow!

  2. Loved your post title "blog puffs" so wish I would be wearing any colour puffy thing to meet some of you !Can't wait to get all the details of the fun you have with the girls and Mr Burly spotting
    strangers , lol !

  3. Your man is a crack up!!!
    Are the kids getting them too so they can be returned to you when they run off?
    Can't wait to meet everyone and put faces and bodies to bloggettes.
    I hadn't even thought about colour co-ordination...maybe I should have a little look in the wardrobe :)
    Thanks for getting this sorted,
    Ab :0)

  4. This is Mr Burly here..
    I wanted one with a tractor or some such on it. In Daylesford wearing a pink fluff my shirt may create attention that just not looking for!

  5. Oh that is so funny. Love this post. Julie, can you bring one for me? I just can't get my head around puff making today..! Only if you have time, of course. And Mr Burly, just lap up the attention, it's nice to be popular!! xo

  6. Mr Burly...It'll only be a problem if you actually colour co-ordinate it with a man-bag. Then I'm afraid you may be swept off your feet by a lovely Daylesfordite man.
    Could be funny watch..........

  7. No Copper Patch, I am more worried about soiling my fishnet singlet. Stain are just impossible to get out of it!

  8. LOL!!! This is all hilarious!!! Love it!
    As for a name, how about Bluffs! lol!!!

  9. Me again!!! Have a great time meeting bloggers while at the market tomorrow Julie!!

    Here is another "Yo-Bluffs" - short for Yo-Yo Blogger Puffs

  10. Love, love, love this idea but I have no idea how to go about making one! can anybody point me in the right direction? Oooh, I've had an idea, I wonder if I could crochet one, would that count?

  11. I'll wear one, among other things of course!! Can't wait to catch up and say hi to lots of new bloggy friends.

  12. ok that's it! I'm moving! no fair! I want to go with you!


  13. Count me in! I'm coming to Daylesford tomorrow, love the idea of wearing a yo-yo, I'm off to make one right now!

  14. Oh no! I'm already in Clunes at my sisters place so I don't have anything to make a pink suffolf puff, but I'll be waering a pink flower brooch. Does that still count?

  15. Oh dear, I really must learn how to type properly!

  16. This is a crack up...
    I sooo can't come but you girls have me in fits and it's most entertaining!! Have fun and thanks for the links...think I might add them to my blog for later.
    Have a blast!

    To market to market with a pink puff....

  17. News just at hand that the wonderful Jodie will be making my yoyo so there will be no risk of me trying to pull off (or rather on), the other Cate's granny dress.

  18. I so wish I could be there too - Have a great day girls !!

  19. Great idea - I'm in - just made my yo yo - it's blue and white with a red button - on my blog now. Looking foward to meeting lots of bloggers! Nic