Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thankyou from Mum..

My Mum says thankyou to all the bloggers that replied to my last post about shops in Mildura.  Some of you were on "no reply" and gave some good tips.  I think Mum will have a nice day.  Sounds like Mildura need a good patchwork shop though.

I had a day in the garden yesterday, everything is lovely and green (not for long), patiently waiting for my roses to bloom.  They are just loaded with buds.

Waiting for chook to lay an egg.
I quote "come on chooky".


  1. LOL! Well yes come on then! Too cute. And roses are one thing I truly miss from down south. Much sure you post lots of pictures once they bloom xox

  2. So nice and green out your way, whereas we have the Fall colors and everything dieing from the overnight frost... Wish I were there... 8-)

    Too cute a photo of your little one there.... Come on chook! Hurry up! lol! Does she actually collect the eggs yet? 8-)

  3. How nice to have your own chooks - it's on our list

  4. Your garden looks lovely Julie and I hope 'chooky' was obliging in the face of such sweet patience?

  5. Love the quote!

    Your garden is beautiful. It's so weird to think that our seasons are opposite...

  6. I love your garden - very jealous. There is nothing better than collecting eggs when you are little.

    I'm glad there are some interesting shops for your Mum to visit in Mildura. I'm also filing away that little gem for when we visit there in 2012 for the Ulysses AGM. (Nothing like planning ahead.)

  7. That bottom photo is a keeper how cute.