Monday, October 26, 2009

Simple but sweet.

After my slightly wonky hexi. pin cushion effort this morning, I decided to try a simpler pin cushion.  ie. one that you can't really muck up with a two year old jumping all over you while trying to sew.

After I made the first one the two year old decided Maggie Mae would like it for a pillow.  That distracted her for a bit.


  1. I love the colours and you have to agree that Dolly looks mighty comfy! I like your pincushion by the way - stop being so hard on yourself. Imagine if you made a Pickle Pincushion though......

  2. Honey - you are amazing - where dooooo you get the time !!! ? I know where all mine is going at the moment - got an A for my last assignment so at least it is paying off ! None the less I am green with envy over all your darling creations !! XX

  3. Love the colors/fabrics Julie! Maggie Mae looks quite comfy there. Quilt and all yet too! 8-)

  4. That is so cute! Obviously she has good taste. Great fabric xox

  5. Lucky Maggie Mae, awesome pillow she has there :^) Will check out the hexagon pincushion tutorial as well, like I need another project LOL