Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nice mail day.

Wizzed past the letter box on the mower this morning and discovered not one but two bloggy, crafty looking packages.   The first one contained this smocking which I adopted from Missie Krisse the other day, see here.  She rescued it from an op shop but not having any little girls was giving it away.  Lucky me, and and and she also sent me one of her beautiful little hand made pendants to say thankyou for rescuing the smocking.  Isn't she lovely.  You can visit her store here to see all her other creations.

The second parcel I'm NOT allowed to open for a few weeks.  
Birthday fat quarters.  
Now thats just teasing Bec!  Its like having an unopened block of chocolate on the shelf.  Thankyou Bec, just letting you know they arrived.


  1. Love the pink smocking, lucky you! How fun to have a parcel too, even if you have to wait for it! xo

  2. gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Lovely pendant! What are you making with the smocking?

  4. Glad you like it :) Rescuers deserve something nice! Can't wait to see what you make with the smocking!

  5. mmmm, that smocking is divine!! Lucky you!!!
    You really are very strong, not sure I could leave a package of fatties unopened ;o).
    Joy :o)