Sunday, October 25, 2009

Market research.

Another ruffle skirt from my growing collection.

Another one.  Pattern from tutorial here.

This morning..... I was doing some "market research"  get it!!!  
I thought it was funny.
This is the market I'd like to try a stall at.  Nice under the gum trees near the river.

Some roses that caught my eye in town.
I'm admiring everyone else's till mine flower.

Look at this pig face in front of another house in our town.
Its almost taken over the footpath.


  1. Looks like the ideal place for a bit of market research! Love all your little ruffled things, so cute. Wish my roses were that far on, we've got the fire going again today here, next week I hope we might get some buds burst open - fingers crossed..

  2. Beautiful spot for a market. Those ruffly skirts are so cute, shame I can't get my boy to wear them!

  3. I love your skirts. Wish they came in big kid size (29 on Tues :) coz I think they're smashing!
    Looks like a nice market. Did you do thourough research and purchase from other people's stalls?

  4. Go for it Julie!! Try a stall... 8-)

    I guess "pig face" is a flowering plant where you come from...? lol!

    Gorgeous roses down there! Wow! 8-)