Friday, October 30, 2009


My blog reading tells me Halloween is nearly here.  Its not something that is celebrated that much in Australia, well nowhere I've lived.  Here's my photo contribution with a Halloween theme.  I rummaged through my photo library and found some pumpkin shots.   This is my only quilt I've done featuring pumpkins.  My second "real" quilt, done about eight years ago.  It's called A Country Garden from Patchwork Pumpkin in Frankston, the pattern was over three issues of Australian Patchwork and Quilting.

And one of the munchkin last Autumn.
Not exactly scary I know.


  1. The Muchkin is looking gorgeous again - sometimes I wish we did celebrate Halloween more!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. She is adorable! Your quilt turned out VERY nice!!! (I'd never have guessed you were a pretty new quilter from the looks of that!!!)

  3. consider yourself lucky that you don't celebrate Halloween. I don't like the witches, ghosts, all the scary, yucky stuff this time of year. Our family celebrates Harvest instead. I love the pumpkins, fall colors, leaves...
    our church hosts a Harvest Party for the kids. They get to dress up and play games and eat junk. So it's fun!
    Your quilt is so pretty.

  4. I LOVE that shirt! (your daughter is adorable, too, of course)

    Did you make it?

  5. Hi Julie, love your quilt...and the pic of little munchkin...Warm regards Lyn

  6. She's the cutest Halloween monster I've ever seen!
    The quilt looks great. I have a different one from them - the only block of the month I've 'done'. Which means I have all the months and have only started the first one.
    It's on the list :)

  7. A sweet pumpkin photo... 8-)

    I have the Country Garden quilt pattern in my magazine shelf... Your quilt looks great! Love it! 8-)