Saturday, October 24, 2009

Garden week here.

I may as well call this garden week looking back on this week's posts.  I had hoped to do some sewing today but we ordered irrigation water then hubby got asked to go and help do hay and milk cows tonight so guess what I'm doing today.  Trudging around in  my gumboots paranoid I'm going to stand on a snake in the long grass.  In between changing the water between paddocks, I've been poking around the garden.  The top photo are the red climbing roses on the fence next to the clothes line.  Johnquillls, daffodills and iris' along the border.  I thought I may as well make it look pretty out there too seeing some days thats the only part of the garden I get to.  Roses may not have been the best choice of plant that close to a clothes line, I have to keep them trimmed to stop them catching on the sheets.

I'm still waiting for my other roses to flower, they all look healthy but I only have a couple of bloom so far.

Still have iris' flowering.  My favourite mauve one,

and an unusual orange, yellow, brownish one.
Better get the boots back on.  See ya!


  1. Your garden looks pretty...I am paranoid about snakes too!

  2. Trudging could be skipping! and paranoid could be a chance meeting!

  3. My husband made that last comment. How rude.

  4. Does anyone else's husbands leave anonymous comments on their blog and find it very amusing to watch your reactions when reading them!!!

  5. He's a cheeky bugger!
    Your garden looks fabulous. It looks like your veggie patch is really big, you're lucky to have a lovely little helper.
    Abbe :)

  6. Think I'm pretty safe from anonymous hubby comments.

    I could happily spend all day browsing round your garden ... it's lovely. Can do without the snakes but.

  7. Oh I miss my iris! It will be a long time before I see mine again so I'll just enjoy looking at yours! :0)

  8. I just love iris! But I've never seen those colors, they are beautiful! Back here in Norway we are having colder weather every day, and there's almost no leaves left on the threes, so we are having snow soon I gues...
    But when winter comes, there will be more time to sew ;o)
    Happy sewing,

  9. I don't think my hubby even looks at my blog...which is ok by me!!! 8-)
    Gorgeous garden blooms Julie, but I can live without the snakes too...ewwwww....

  10. Nothing wrong with garden week, all the work needs to be done in turn..and this is garden time!
    Loved the photos with the kids and chooks...gorgeous!Tracey