Saturday, October 10, 2009

For the budding artist.

For my market "boy range" I've decided art smocks are a good start.  
The binding went on well, with matching pocket.  I just need a little elastic for the cuffs and some velcro on the neck.
These may not make it to market yet, I've had a local request for some.  
Looks like another binding making session tonight.
I've got some girly ones in progress too. 


  1. Now that's a good idea for the boys! Always so much lovely girly stuff, but it's harder to make something special for little monsters...

  2. A fantastic idea, they would really come in handy here!

  3. What fabulous art smocks.I really like the red striped pocket, big enough for a nice mix of brushes.

  4. What a great idea! I love the binding on them. xo

  5. I love the pattern, I am trying to find a good simple pattern for my little miss's art smocks for school to no avail. Am I allowed to ask when you purchased the pattern? I would appreciate any feedback.,many thanks p.s they are so little man"ish , really fun