Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Summer dress frill and yoyo version.

Here's another version of my little dress.  
I love the rolled hem on my overlocker.  I've been experimenting with frills.  I cut a one inch wide strip, edge each side and gather it up, very effective.
And of course a yoyo and button.


  1. Cute dress. I love the button finish for the yoyo.

  2. you are making some adorable dresses!!! love the little yoyo flowers.

  3. Who's the best dressed Girl in town? Julie, wouldn't it be nice to have an album of special little dresses - I wish I had done it with my girls! Oh, and your orange rose - do you know the name, please!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. Your frill is the perfect finishing touch! Another sweet dress.

  5. cute, love the frill!!! Might have to test out the machine this week and a frill on some skirts and bloomers! ok I'm inspired to get the manual out!

    oh and you can never have too many yo yo's! the supplier is all out for a week or two so must be a yo yo craze going on!

  6. Very beautiful !! Very exciting - and loads of fun - so glad to be sharing it with you !