Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Yay, its Spring.  I love this time of year.  the days are a little longer, its not too hot, perfect for spending time in the garden.   Everything is bursting into flower and new sprouts are everywhere.  Very pretty and fresh.

Of course, this brings the dreaded Spring Clean.
 Good when its done, not so good doing it. 
 Bianca has got me motivated.   In an attempt to get "organised" we have decided to start our Spring cleans.  Seven yucky, pretend they don't exist, how long can I put it off jobs are going to be tackled this week.  
Seven jobs in seven days.  
Anyone else up for it?

Here's my list, I'm only posting this to make me do it........clean out laundry, abolish all my paper piles, sort out both kids clothes, wipe down bathroom walls, have a filing cabinet chuck out, clean & set up guest room for visitors and do the windows inside and out. 

Photos, top - peach blossom, johnquills & daffs bottom Babushka in progress, she is a smidge over three inches high.....fiddly.


  1. Fiddly but so lovely, and so are your peach blossoms. Good luck with your spring cleaning.

  2. Your flowers and Babushkas look great!!! Love the pink flowered tree!!! Very pretty! 8-)

  3. GO Julie! And your stitches on your Babushka are perfect xox

  4. Hmmm, after careful thought I've decided not to join you in your 7 yucky jobs challenge he he he - you go ahead and have fun though. LOVE the Babushka!!
    Joy :o)

  5. I LOOOVE this time of year. Blossoms on the trees. Weather warming up. Not so much grey in the sky.
    My favourite time!!!

  6. It's funny to see that it's spring where you live. Here in Austria summer is nearly over and the days are getting shorter.
    How lovely the peach blossoms are. I love to follow your blog.

  7. I'm in ! I'm in ! 7 days to clean my laundry ! Oh did you say seven jobs , sorry I'm out . Good luck with your stuff though , lol !Your photos are beautiful.

  8. Hey Julie! I love the colours of spring, but the temperatures of Summer - I'm a hot weather gal! All the flowers here in Toowoomba are flowering several weeks early due to unseasonal warm weather and they think the gardens will all be finished before our Carnival of Flowers in three weeks - oops! Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature! :0) Hmmm ... don't think I'll torture myself with the seven icky chores challenge - I'm challenged enough most days - but wish you a productive week! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  9. Lovely spring photos....and your little dolls are just so cute.

  10. Your garden is gorgeous!

    I won't be joining your 7in7 challenge but wish you the best with completing yours!