Thursday, September 17, 2009

Servicing the addiction.

Chookyblue posted some questions she would like answered today regarding patchwork shop proximity and frequency of visits.....

My nearest quilting shop (other than our on-line shop here) is about 20 minutes drive away.  The next closest town about half an hours drive has three shops.  One is Hobbysew, the other is a general fabric shop that is slowly being taken over by patchwork fabric and the third is in the tourist area of town and priced accordingly, nice shop though.  An hour North, South, East and West there are more shops, but they are a day trip with kids.  I only get to a fabric shop about once a month.  A lady from our sit and sew group couriers stuff to me if I need it, she spends a lot of time at the closest shop.  I just have an unofficial account with the shop owner.  I only get to go when I have a list of other jobs to do in town to make the trips worthwhile but I have been known to do an emergency dash just for fabric.

This post needs a photo.  
Here's our little town of 400 people taken by my brother from our neighbours plane December two years ago.  We live about 3kms out to the top left corner.  A few years ago this would ALL have been green.  You can see a few spots where paddocks have been irrigated.


  1. Love the pic...nice to know where our fabric fixes can be satisfied!

  2. lucky this post is dobbing me in for something then you could buy a new you town was all green again.........with plenty of rain.............sounds like a pretty good situation with the shops.........

  3. I have a very small but nice shop about 40mins away , i probably get there every two years as there nothing else in that town to go for . My next closest is Spotlight an hour away . I'd be poorer living in a city with my choice of fabric shops .

  4. There are no quilt shops here so I have to travel 50 miles to the nearest one. That makes planning a must when I am able to go shopping, and it usually is an all day event. May as well get all the shopping done when I am able to go to town. It isn't fun when you are short that one color of fabric that you need to finish a project but it is better for our budget!!!
    Hugs, Barb

  5. I love aerial photos. It certainly is "a wide brown land". I am very lucky I live very close to a quilt shop.