Friday, September 4, 2009

Mopsy hat.

This was a quick last minute whip up for the school production.  A hat for the granny in the play to wear.  I'm yet to ever see a granny wear one in real life lol.  I cut a 60cm diameter circle of fabric, ran around the edge with the overlocker, made a casing from bias binding and threaded through elastic.  Tick another job done.  I'm still on the big Spring clean here.  I'm making progress, I didn't realise how much progress until I saw how full the recycle bin is.  I swear paper breeds in this house.   Newspapers, boxes, kids "art", along with the usual bills and bits and pieces.  


  1. Nope, I can honestly say I've never worn one, but this one is really cute, lol.

  2. I'm a granny and I've never worn one, either...but you did a great job making it!

  3. Oh it's gorgeous ... very "Little House on the Prairie" LOL!!
    Joy :o)