Saturday, September 19, 2009

Miniature pin cushion

Breaking family news brother and his girlfriend just got engaged so we will have a family wedding next year which is exciting.  Congratulations you two!

And on the crafty front, I had a little go at making a miniature pin cushion today by covering a bottle top with felt.  I need to refine my design so its "poofier" on top.  Not bad for a first go.  No doubt there a a hundred and one tutorials on these but I thought I could nut one out.  I can't remember where but a I saw these, I think a market ages ago, you can do bigger ones made out of tins too which I want to try.  
All they are, are a strip around the outside, a circle for the base and a bigger circle stitched around its edge, stuffed and inserted into the top.  I didn't glue mine, the blanket stitch at the top holds it in place.  My top circle was a bit small so I stuffed more polyfill into the lid.  I guess you could put rice in a bigger one to weight them down too.  Something to play with.  Fun to do.
On my travels yesterday, gazania's along a roadside.  These are pretty but unfortunately a weed here.

Amazing colours.


  1. Lovely flowers...really cute pincushion too. Exciting family news!

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  3. The flowers are beautiful, unbelievable that they are a weed, I wish I had such a pretty weed in my garden.

  4. ohhh congrats to your brother! will that be a sydney wedding??? plenty of room here for you with a self contained area for you all!!!

    lovely pincushion!!!! I need to make mine poofier otherwise I prick my fingers when I put a pin in too far!


  5. Adorable pincushion and beautiful flowers. How nice to be able to start planning a family wedding.

  6. A weed for you and a lovely flower that we payfor here......go figure!!!!

  7. Those flowers are so beautiful! We have some pretty weeds here but nothing like that! Love your pincushion! :0)

  8. Clever chick - love the pincushion - and the flowers, too!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  9. Your "weeds" are prettier than my garden right now LOL.
    Love the little pincushion, so cute :o)!
    Joy :o)

  10. love the pictures of the flowers, oh the ones by the road just take that and transfer all those colors into
    one quilt, would be beautiful scrap quilt.

    love the pincushion, very cute and clever!

  11. Congrats to your brother! 8-)

    Darling little pincushion. Here I have seen them with a piece of elastic threaded through two holes in the cap before creating it into a pincushion, to wear it as a ring while pinning...

    Those gazanias are considered weeds!?!?! They are beautiful!!

    Happy stitchings!

  12. Great snaps of the gazanias. Cute pin cushion.

  13. What absolutely beautiful flowers!