Sunday, September 6, 2009

A gift and progress.

We attended an 80th birthday party today for a neighbour we lived across the road from when we first moved to town.    I promised her a quilt for her 80th after I made her husband one here.
I made it a while back from two packs of Moda's Up Town charm sqaures to a nice lap size which I know she will use and appreciate.  
I had a late night last night finishing off the hand stitching and putting borders on the Babushka Tree Quilt.  I have done a one inch green (hand dye) and a four inch pink border.  I should have enough of the pink to bind it.

I started quilting it today with random hearts, swirls and loops.


  1. What a gorgeous post Julie...your neighbour will be stunned, the quilt you made for her is beautiful. I love the little white strip in the brown border, very modern looking. Your quilting on your babushka tree is fabulous, great job xo

  2. Congrats on making it to quilting stage with the Matryoshka quilt.
    Also, that first charm square quilt is really lovely. What a gift!!
    Andi :-)

  3. you have been so productive lately..........well the dolls..........

  4. What a lovely neighbour you are - and the doll tree quilt is great.

  5. I love the Babushka Tree Quilt. Beautiful stitching!!

    I am sure your neighbour was delighted with that quilt.

  6. The doll tree quilt is so cute! The charm quilt is beautiful too :o)
    Look forward to your next project(s) :o)
    Have a creative Sunday,

  7. I really like the use of the small inner borders on both your quilts!

    Your doll tree quilt is going to be finished well before your deadline!

  8. Nice quilt for the neighbour, I'm sure she'll love it! The quilt for DD is so adorable :^) Keep up the good work and get it done before her big day...

  9. Nice quilt for the neighbor's 80th b'day. AND...the babushka quilt looks did the perfect thing with the two borders.

  10. love your quilting on the babushka's! and congrats on finishing it.

    beautiful gift

  11. love love love it all! I'm waiting for some quilt patterns to come in and then I'm quilting! love them both!


  12. wow, the quilting you are doing on this is amazing!